Truck Lettering

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Truck Lettering...Lettrage de Camions


Beaucoup de styles, dimensions
et couleurs disponibles.

Logos et lettres personnalisés
selon vos spécifications.

Graphisme sur vehicules.


Many styles, sizes and colours

Logos and lettering personalized
to your specifications.

Car graphics.

Quality service since 1973
(450) 827-2392

The quality and reliability of Franklin Studio's work is proven by the fact that we still provide service to our very first customer (G.W.Clark & Co. Ltd.) from 1973! We also still letter the fleet of trucks where we did our very first lettering job. These companies and many of  our other customers have grown steadily over the years. We like to think our good work played an important part in achieving their goals. Just starting out or well established, a sharp visual image on your signs and trucks will help you reach the top

Trailers for contractors are very popular these days.They make excellent rolling billboards.

Doors or windows...or both, it's your choice.

We offer a complete small business package that includes your colour business cards, flyers, logo, and lettering!

Vinyl lettering & Graphics like this last up to ten years, and are easily removed with a heat gun.

Boats are always fun to work on. Here the bow sides and cabin have been striped. The stern, and dashboard were also done for a complete custom look.

We can match any company Logo exactly.

Really big hand painted cow head! Farmers know who is coming from way down the lane.

Local charitable gift to Mexico...Bus & Cargo of medical and School supplies. Lettered in English and Spanish.

Airbrushed lettering and graphics are always available.

We love lettering tow trucks!

Franklin Studio is equipped to wrap 53' semi-trailers